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The following is taken from the Peer-to-Peer Forum moderated by Dr. Robert Swotinsky

Question: I have been approached to offer MRO services to a new start-up company. What type of malpractice insurance, if any, is recommended?
Response: If the physician has medical malpractice (professional liability) coverage, there is every likelihood that claims pertaining to MRO services will be covered under that policy. If the physician does not carry medical malpractice coverage, or if that coverage is limited to a specific venue that doesn't include the MRO work (e.g., a doctor who does shifts at a hospital ER where the hospital insures the doctor for the ER work, only), the physician could purchase a separate medical malpractice policy that would cover the MRO work. There are some scaled down policies intended for "consulting" svcs like this, but even those are pricy in comparison to what one might make doing free lance MRO work.

Professional liability policy is also less expensive than medical malpractice. As to whether it covers MRO work, that could be questioned. I am unaware of any case law or other anecdotal information on this topic. Sorry. Although, in general, it could be considered a good thing that there is not a large body of case law involving suits against MROs.
-Robert Swotinsky

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